One Step Forward

After a good sleep we wake up and complain to travel company about our experience. Some things were outside of their control and they had their reasons and excuses, but the late departure, the promise of a four-hour one-way journey when in fact it is normally six, and their knowledge that after 8PM trucks start driving on the highways and cause inevitable delays, should have made it easy for them to figure out that the stated return time was not possible, so despite the fact that I know this will be a memorable experience to talk about in our future, I think it’s right to give them a good bollocking.

The rest of the day we spend at the Gold Regency using the WiFi to book our Goa and China flights. Ebru cannot stand Delhi and needs her dose of beach holiday. There’s no guarantee that all beaches will be accessible with monsoon going on, but it’s a chance to save our India holiday. Also since it has been raining in the mountainous north, it’s better to delay the bike trip there to later.

Feeling like we have achieved somethingtoday, we go to the Lonely Planet hostel again for a meal we know we can stomach.


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